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D9-6020 9" HD Display System
(DAI Part# D9-6020)
Black Opal D9-6020 is a 9.0", ¼ HD 960 x 540 pixel resolution, multi-function display that features state of the art DSP Image Enhancement, a military grade pressure sealed and nitrogen purged chassis, and can record fHD 1080p60 video. Black Opal HD displays are engineered for ultra-reliable Military or Civil land, sea and airborne applications like (not exclusively) Surveillance, Information Display and Equipment Control.
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  • land, sea, or airborne applications;
  • High Definition inputs;
  • multi-function capability with assignable buttons for control of external devices via comms port;
  • designed to withstand vibration, shock, and extended temperature operation, EM shielded.

  • 9" 16:9 LED backlit LCD, 960 pixels x RGB x 540 lines (¼ FHD) resolution, 24 bit (16m) colour scale, 8 bit (256) grey scale.

I/O (MultiVision System)
  • inputs: up to 4 3G-SDI, 4 analogue inputs;
  • display: up to 2 video simultaneously;
  • outputs: up to 2 3G-SDI.

Image Processing
  • enhance function for smoke, rain, fog, etc;
  • freeze frame;
  • adjustable digital zoom;
  • colourisation;
  • overlay capability (chroma keying).

  • LED backlight, luminance/chrominance controlled;
  • readable in full direct sunlight (105 lux) (backlight adjustable to 900 nit, on axis);
  • readable with night vision devices (adjustable low intensity backlight, green or red selectable);
  • backlit buttons (adjustable, green or red selectable);
  • anti reflection coated window.

  • 20 to 33Vdc input (28V nominal).

  • RS-232 and RS422;
  • 9,600 to 115,200 Baud.

  • panel Mount: 4 x PFSC35 Dzus fasteners, 1 in each corner;
  • side Mount: 4 x M4 tapped holes, 8mm deep, on each side;
  • rear Mount: VESA 75 type, 4 x M4 tapped holes, 8mm deep.

  • comms: Baud rates;
  • touchscreen: 5-wire resistive.
  • mounting: customised mounting.