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G12-7306 Black Opal Display
(DAI Part# G12-7306)
Black Opal G12-7306 is a 12.1" XGA 1024x768 multi-function display that low-latency CVBS and RGB video inputs, in a sealed and N2 purged chassis.

The G12-7306 comes fitted with an x86 Processor module. The processor hosts user interfaces and application software, in a fan-less package. Graphics processed by the x86 is shown on-screen mixed with low-latency CVBS/RGB video.

The G12-7306's LCD screen is protected by a robust laminated glass window, which includes a planar EMI shield. The LCD is outfitted with a high brightness LED backlight to support operation in high ambient light environments. Button backlighting can be set red or green.

  • Sunlight-readable backlight (1000cd/m2)
  • Resistive touch screen (either externally connected via USB2 or internally connected to the x86)
  • Window heater
  • DEF STAN 00-82 video inputs and outputs
  • Other video inputs, such as HD-SDI, HDMI, S-Video - all supporting low-latency video processing.
  • Other video outputs, such as HDMI, HD-SDI, RGB
  • NVIS backlight
  • No pressure relief valve (fully sealed)
  • NVIS-compatible IR touch screen (no calibration or drivers required)
  • Other x86 processor modules (processor family, SSD density, RAM density, etc)
  • Other connector styles / sizes
  • GVA-compliant buttons
  • Button press information sent to x86 via USB HID.

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