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Xtreme Air 12 Flat Panel Display
(DAI Part# XA/L12)
Recognising the need for display systems dedicated to specific applications, Laserdyne Technologies has developed the first of the Xtreme range of displays.

The Xtreme Air 12 model is an 12.1" [with XGA (1024 x 768) resolution] version of the Black Opal display type, specially designed for airborne use.

This is a reduced weight/reduced cost model, where some of the stringent sealing and other measures required for land and seaborne operations have been relaxed. It retains the advanced video features and generally high level of ruggedisation for which Black Opal displays are renowned.

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This model is fitted with a high brightness LED backlight module. LED backlighting improves reliability when compared with standard CCFL (lamp) backlights ? not only by substituting solid-state components for fragile lamps, but also by the graceful nature of LED backlight degradation as the unit ages ? a missing lamp may make an LCD unreadable, but a few fading LEDs make little difference.

Each Xtreme Air model consists of a LED backlit LCD, a low reflection high clarity window, a microprocessor unit, and power & control electronics. All items are housed within a rugged enclosure containing heating and cooling mechanisms. The LCD is protected by a tough, antireflection-coated window which also provides EMI/EMC shielding. The window is matched to the LCD glass with index-matched materials to minimise internal reflections, eliminating potential internal window fogging and maximising window strength. All models are button operated.

Each model features MultiVision, allowing for multiple analogue and SDI video inputs (for SD, HD and other analogue video formats, and PC RGB inputs), and providing simultaneous display of up to 6 inputs.

Images are displayed on a LED backlit LCD that may be viewed in full direct sunlight down to full darkness and feature backlight settings suitable for low light viewing, for viewing with Night Vision Devices and completely off for black-out conditions.

Black Opal displays have several features designed to increase the effectiveness of surveillance, sighting and security systems, including:

Image Enhancement: video inputs are compensated for obscuration (e.g. rain, fog, snow, mist or smoke) within an adjustable central window where contrast and colour are enhanced. For a chosen window size, the enhancement is applied to that portion of the displayed image;
Digital Zoom: a fully X & Y interpolated "smart" zoom, not merely pixel multiplying, yields a clear zoomed image without the blocky "pixelated" appearance often seen with digital zooming; and
Freeze Frame: freezes the current prime video channel while leaving live any video inset.
Colourisation: applies preloaded colour palettes to monochrome imagery.
Motion ("edge tearing") compensation: minimises the jagged edges that can occur with motion in video on LCDs.