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Adapter Kits for NANO Series of Encoders
In order to facilitate the replacement of existing encoders with the new Trans-Cal Industries "Nano" encoders, Trans-Cal has developed adapter kits for the most widely used encoders.

These kits allow the avionics technician to quickly replace existing encoder installations with the TCI Nano encoders by providing a mounting plate designed for the Nano unit while utilizing the existing mounting tray. The adapter is shipped with stainless steel fastening hardware. It is not necessary to use one of these kits, but they save the technician time in installing the new encoder.

For Use With Part No.
ACK Encoders 103059
TCI SSD120 103038
TCI D120 103036
Ameri-King Encoders 103061
Sandia Encoders 103035
Shadin Encoders 103060