AS9100 Rev D/ISO 9001:2015 Certified
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LC-2 Quartz Chronometer
(DAI Part# LC2)
The Astrotech LC-2 is a precision clock-timer offering reliability at an economical cost. This chronometer provides time, date and elapsed timer with a hold or time-out feature.

The Astrotech Model LC-2 chronometer uses a large scale integrated circuit (LSI) chip which contains several hundred transistors and controls all clock/timer functions. The LSI chip is attached to a single circuit board, a simplified construction technique resulting in high degree of reliability and performance at low cost. Circuitry is not subject to dirt, vibration, friction, or wear characteristics of mechanical clock movements.

Clock 12 or 24-hour, 4-digit clock, internally switchable before installation
Elapsed Timer 24-hour capacity, displays minutes/seconds for the first hour; thereafter hrs./min. to 24-hrs.
Date Date is displayed in month/day format
Timing Accuracy Typically better than a few seconds per month
Display Continuous readout using a liquid crystal display for excellent visibility in direct sunlight. The display is lighted for night flying and connects to the aircraft instrument panel dimming circle. Both 12V & 24V bulbs are included with each panel mounted clock
Power LC-2 comes in various part numbers, and the part number determines if the chronometer has an internal battery or is connected to the aircraft battery for power.; internal battery life is normally > 2-years The power drain when connected to the aircraft battery is negligible (< .003 AMP).
Weight Less than 4 oz. (113.4 g)
Installation Installs directly into standard 2.25" (57.2 mm) clock panel cutout for the panel part numbers, or mounts in the specified aircraft control wheels
Environmental LC-2 is qualified to all of the applicable sections of RTCA DO-160 for electrical & mechanical compliance
P/N Model Description
AT420000 LC-2 Panel mounted, aircraft powered, 14 & 28V lamps included
AT4210P0 LC-2P Piper control wheel (P/N 79217) mounted, aircraft powered, 14V internal lighting
AT4220P0 LC2P-28 Piper control wheel (P/N 79217) mounted, aircraft powered, 28V internal lighting
AT4220P1 LC-2PC Piper Cheyenne control wheel mounted, internal AAA battery, 5V internal lighting
AT4250P1   Piper Cheyenne control wheel mounted, internal AAA battery, 5V internal lighting