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MD93 Series Digital Clock/USB Charger
(DAI Part# 6420093-1)
Save panel space with this unique 2-in-1 solution.

Accurate time-keeping is essential for any pilot and in-flight USB charging power is a necessity. The MD93 Series Digital Clock/USB Charger features intuitive operation with four modes: local time, universal time, flight timer and stopwatch. The Dual USB Charging Port supplies the electric current needed to charge any standard or high-power device with a USB interface, while protecting itself and the charging device from short circuit, power surges and over-current potential.

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Compact 2-inch size fits standard panel cutout
Six-digit, seven-segment LED clock and USB charger
Four modes: Local Time, Universal Time, Flight Timer and Stopwatch
Flight time duration automatically displays when power is applied to the aircraft and can be reset in manual mode
Clock settings include 12- or 24-hour mode and seconds On or Off
Multiple lighting schemes allows manual or automatic dimming
8-year internal battery maintains time and flight timer memory when not powered by the aircraft
USB interface provides 2.1 amps per charging port
Compatible with Apple and other USB devices
Protects itself and the charging device from short circuit, power surges and over-current potential
Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas, USA
One-year limited warranty
Power Input 10-32 VDC, 27 watts max
2.1A @ 14 VDC; 1A @ 28VDC (clock only)
Power Output 5.0 ± 0.25 VDC; 2.1A per USB port
Clock Accuracy ±0.5 seconds in 24 hours
Weight 0.3 lbs
Temperature -40°C to 70°C(-40°F to 158°F)
Altitude 55,000 feet
Mounting Rear-panel mounted, (4) #6 screws
Dimensions 2.39 x 2.39 x 1.15 inches max
Connector Kit MCIA P/N 9018178
USB Interface USB Standard-A
Case Anodized aluminum black