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HR,CFA Series Lighting
Discontinued Item
The model HR,CFA series is a self-contained comet flash strobe anti-collision light. The unique polycarbonate optic lens and reflector design redirects stray light rays into the horizontal plane to provide maximum 360° of uniform light coverage. Available in three different lens colors, aviation red, aviation white, and split aviation red/white and in radio shielded configurations. FAA approved as a direct replacement for any rotating beacon that uses a 3-3/4" diameter mounting hole. Can be installed in the vertical fin, or the fuselage. Fuselage installation requires the A440 mounting adapter. Operates between 10 to 30VDC.

Weight 1.5 lbs.
Height 7.25"
Diameter 3.7"
Power Consumption 3.2 AMPS @ 14V, 1.6 AMPS @ 28V
Drawing Number 70029
Model Description
HRCFAR Standard assembly, red lens
HRCFAW Standard assembly, white lens
HRCFAS Standard assembly, split red/white lens
HRCFADR Radio shielded, red lens
HRCFADW Radio shielded, white lens
HRCFADS Radio shielded, split red/white lens