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RTS01-001 Remote Transmit Selector
(DAI Part# RTS01-001)
The helicopter cockpit can be a very busy place, especially when your mission demands your full attention and having both hands busy with the flight controls. Having to release one of those controls to reach over and change the Transmit Select position on your audio panel can be more than an 'inconvenience'... To help address this situation, AEM is introducing the RTS01-xxxx Remote Transmit Selector unit.

By adding the RTS01 to your existing audio system, you can change the TX Select to the radio you need to talk on without having to let go of the flight controls. Use of an existing or added 'toggle switch' is all that is needed to utilize the RTS functions.

Another problem faced by many operators is the limited number of transceiver positions on the audio system in the aircraft. Adding another radio can be a very complex and costly requirement if it means having to replace and upgrade the entire audio system as well. A 'side' benefit of the RTS01 is that it can also be used as an expansion panel.
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  • Height: 0.75"
  • Width: 5.75"
  • Length: 4.56"
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs