AS9100 Rev D/ISO 9001:2015 Certified
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AHD1200 1200 Watt Acoustic Hailing Device
The Power Sonix AHD1200 is a palletized, self-contained Acoustic Hailing Device, originally designed for use on Black Hawk-class helicopters. Because the AHD-1200 requires no power or communication connections to the host aircraft, vessel or vehicle, the complete system can be installed in minutes without special tools enabling extremely fast readiness for emergency missions. It is simply the most effective broad area speech projection system available for first responders and military operations.

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  • Speech focused (mid-tone) Class D amplifiers
  • with over 95% efficiency
  • Less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 1200 Watts to break thru engine noise & rotor wash
  • Compact 15” cube speaker array
  • Speakers can tilt & swivel for accurate targeting
  • Remote Control easily accessible on back side
  • Input for a noise-canceling microphone
  • REC input that can be used with COTS iPods, digital voice recorders and MP3 players as well as outputs from wireless radios for remotely transmitted signals
  • Push-to-test power lamp with VU meter
  • 2 digitally stored siren signals included
  • Custom signals can also be stored (consult factory)
  • 2 series-wired 12 v, 75 amp/hour lead acid batteries
  • 120 volt, 25 amp, fully automatic AC charger
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous VOICE transmission before the batteries need re-charging
  • +/- 30 degree sound projection cone for 4X the coverage of LRAD-type neoplanar devices
# Horns 4 in a 2 by 2 array
Amplifier PSAMP1200
Operating Voltage 32 Volts DC
Sensitivity 1 Volt RMS @ 1 KHz
Frequency Range 400-4500 Hz
THD Less than 1%
SPL @1m 142 dB
Range at 70 dB 1.25 miles (2000 m)
Transducer Resistance 1.8 Ohms per driver
Batteries (2) 12 Volt, 75 Amp-Hr
Operation Time Per Charge 4 Hours Continuous Speech
Battery Charger 25 Amp; Fully Automatic
Temperature Range -40 C to 50 C
Audio Path +/- 30 degrees
Finish Power Coat (Olive Drab standard)
Weight of Complete AHD-1200 Payload 198.5 Lbs
90 Kg
Space Requirement for AHD-1200 Payload 25" x15" x 36"
53.5 cm x 38 cm x 152 cm