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PSAIR42N 600W Amplified Speaker
(DAI Part# PSAIR42N)
System has 4 bells, 8 speaker drivers, 2 Power Sonix 600 watt amplifiers and a 150 ohm input impedance pre-amp. Delivers 1200 watt RMS, 151 SPL at 1 meter, and has a range of 1.25 miles. This is a powerful top shelf system designed for larger noisier aircraft like the Blackhawk and high ambient noise environments like those in urban areas and over open waters.

Law Enforcement
Crowd & Traffic Control
Event Security
Emergency Management
Power Outage Response
Fire Fighting
Search and Rescue
Border Control
Beach & Park Safety
Coastal & Harbor Security
Drug Interdiction
Avalanche Control
Military Operations
Special Ops & PysOps

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Specifications PSAIR12 PSAIR12+1 PSAIR22N PSAIR42N
Distance @70 db .75 miles .75 miles 1 mile 1.25 miles
SPL @ 1m 135 dB 135 dB/pr 138 dB 141 dB
Number of Speakers 1 2 Seperate 2 4
Power Ouput 300W RMS 600W RMS 600W RMS 1200W RMS
150 OHM Imput Impedance (All Systems)
Frequency Response
400 to 4500 Hertz (All Systems)
Harmonic Distortion
1% (All Systems)
1 Volt RMS @ Khertz (All Systems)
DC Voltage
24-32 Volts DC
Peak Current Shutdown
35 Amperes RMS
Max space requirement for speaker array
13.25" x 9.75" x 15.25"
33.7 cm x 24.8 cm x 38.8 cm
13.75" x
9.75" x
34.93 cm x
24.77 cm x
32.39 cm
13.25" x
9.75" x
33.7 cm x
24.8 cm x
38.8 cm
Amplified Speaker Weight 14 lbs.
6.4 Kg
27 lbs.
12.2 Kg
26 lbs.
10.89 Kg
47 lbs.
21.4 Kg
Temperature Range
-40°F to +140°F
PSBCU Remote Control Unit, houses On/Off, recorder, siren signals & battery microphone input
PSBAT28 28 Volt NiCad Battery Pack, 24 cell
PSBAT28SCU 28 Volt NiCad Battery Pack with State of Charge Unit
PSCHARGE28 Charges 28 Volt battery, constant current 2 Amp charge, automatic 2-state charger and trickle charge, input 120/240 VAC, 50-60 Hertz
PSACDC AC to DC power supply converter
PSMIC Shure, noise-canceling microphone, 150 ohms independence
PSCBL-AC-10 10' power cable from AC converter to amplified speaker
PSCBL-DC-10 10' power cable from DC power buss to amplified speaker
PSCBL-BAT-10 10' power cable from battery to amplified speaker
PSCBL-RCU-10 10' remote control to amplified speaker cable