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JA97-002 Audio Controller Seven User - 6 Transceivers
(DAI Part# JA97-002)
The JA97-xx2 audio controller is a compact, lightweight unit that incorporates the latest technology, and is compatible with the current industry standard interconnect. The unit will support 7 users: pilot, co-pilot and up to 5 passengers. By using a Windows based application (ProCS), configuration settings may be changed via a 3.5mm jack on the front panel. Field replaceable illuminated legends (either standard white or NVG compatible) mean that the dealer only needs to stock one version of the controller for many different mission configurations.
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  • IndividualReceive audio volume controls
  • Up to 7 users
  • Field configurable settings
  • Field replaceable legends
  • Standard white or NVG compatible lighting
  • Stuck microphone time-out
  • Adjustable output and input levels
  • Balanced ICS, CVR, Rx Comp. & trans mit mic. outputs
  • Adjustable CVR output level
  • Configurable audio alert messages
  • Front panel music input
  • 5, 14 and 28 Vdc lighting voltage selection
  • Music muting
  • Built in adapter for Non-Aircraft Radios
  • Duplex mode transmission for cell phone operation
  • Only 5.48 inches [139mm] depth behind panel (not including connectors)
  • Individual mic. gating
  • Tx capability for pilot, co-pilot and 2 passengers
  • Configurable multi-function switch
  • Transmit select annunciators
  • Connector pin compatible with industry standard
  • Selectable emergency radio
  • 6 COM radios
  • 5 Receivers
  • 2 Alerts
  • 8 Volume controls
Transceivers 6 Comm. transceivers
Receiver Input 5 Receivers + 1 Direct, 2 Music Inputs, 1 ICS Tie
Number of Headsets 7 users: Pilot, Co-pilot, 5 passengers
Electrical Power 14 to 28 Vdc @ (1.4 to 0.7A) max
Electrical Lighting <10mA @ 5, 14, 28 Vdc
Headphone 100 mW into 600 ohms
TSO Compliance Contact JAC for TSO Status
Installation Kit INST-JA97
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