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TDFM 9000 Series
Multi-band Airborne AM/FM Transceivers
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The TDFM-9000 series of P25 compliant radios consists of three models which are fully configurable. They are: the TDFM-9000, the TDFM-9100 and the TDFM-9300.

The TDFM-9000 transceiver is an airborne, multi-band radio capable of operation in conventional analog and P25 digital FM systems, SmartNet/SMARTZONE trunking systems and P25 trunking systems. RF modules are available in single and dual band configuraton which support VHF (136 to 174 MHz), UHF Lo (380 to 470 MHz), UHF Hi (450 to 520 MHz) as well as 700-800 MHz bands. Up to six single or dual band modules are supported. Optional additional features include P25 trunking, Phase I and Phase II operation that may be combined with AES and DES encryption with OTAR in any of the available modules. The TDFM-9000 is not normally frequency agile. In order to have the ability to change channels from the front panel, the FPP (front panel programming) option must be ordered for each band. FPP is only available on the VHF and UHF modules.

The TDFM-9000 can support up to six P25 (Phase I and Phase II compliant) APX based RF modules. There is no restriction on the number of like modules that can be installed. For example if your requirement is for three (or even more) 7/800 MHz modules operating at the same time, the TDFM-9000 will work for you.

The TDFM-9300 is similar to the TDFM-9000, except that instead of supporting six RF modules, the TDFM-9300 supports up to four P25 modules as described above for the TDFM-9000, PLUS one analog module. The available analog modules are: VHF Lo (30 to 50 MHz), VHF Hi (136 to 174 MHz), VHF/AM 118 to 135 MHz (aeronautical band), and UHF/AM 225 to 400 MHz (military band). The analog band is easily operated and programmed via the front panel keypad. The P25 modules are programmed using Motorola APX-7000 programming software.

The TDFM-9100 is a dual band airborne APX based transceiver which operates in the same manner as the TDFM-9000 and 9300. Able to support one or two P25 Phase II modules with any available option(s), it is ideal for those users who need only one or two P25 compliant bands. It's small size and light weight make it ideal for helicopter installations.

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