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TDFM 9200 Series Multi-Band P25 PHASE II Airborne FM Communications
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The TDFM-9200 Multi-Band, Airborne Transceiver supports digital and conventional analog operation in one or two P25 (Phase I and Phase II) compliant FM single or dual band modules andone or two AM or FM analog modules. The P25 bands supported by the TDFM-9200 include VHF (136 to 174 MHz), UHF Lo (380 to 470 MHz), UHF Hi (450 to 520 MHz) as well as 7/800 MHz (764 to 870 MHz). Technisonic P25 modules can support all standard Motorola options such as SMARTZONE and P25 Trunking, AES Encryption and P25 OTAR. Analog modules supported by the TDFM-9200 are single band only, and include VHF/FM Lo band (30 to 50 MHz), VHF/AM Aeronautical Band (118 to 135 MHz), and UHF/AM Military Band (225 to 400 MHz)

The TDFM-9200 transceiver is a multi-band radio, capable of operation in conventional analog mode as well as P25 (Phase I and Phase II) digital mode in all P25 trunking systems. All standard P25 options are supported. In addition, the TDFM-9200 can support analog operation in up to two analog bands. These options include VHF Lo Band, VHF/AM Aeronautical band, and UHF/AM Military Band.

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Each radio can be individually configured to support one or two, single or dual band, modules
Module supports conventional analog, conventional P25 and optional Phase I (FDMA) and Phase II (TDMA) technologies for trunked operation
Single Band or simultanious Multi-Band
Operation from multiple locations in aircraft (RC9100)
Displays all active channels simultaniously
Cross Band Repeat, Relay and Simulcast
Programming via Motorola CPS software program
Encryption with OTAR and or Multi-Key (optional)
Supports SmartNet, SMARTZONE and P25 trunking (optional)
P25 cabable Bandwidths VHF, UHF-Lo, UHF-Hi and 700/800 MHz Bands
Supports P25 Digital/Analog operation in conventional or trunked Modes
Front panel connector for module programming via USB and encryption key loading
Optional encryption protocols AES, DES, DES-XL, DES-OFB. ADP encryption is standard in all modules
Each module supports 3000 channels/200 zones and can be programmed to operate in either a digital or analog mode on a channel by channel basis.
Each module supports scan across its entire frequency spectrum even if dual band configured
Built in audio switching allows RF modules to operate in either a single or combined transceiver configuration
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