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ASI110-1 - ASI110-1 Solid State Digital Synchro
DAI Part# ASI110-1
The ASI110 provides precise control over systems requiring ARINC standard synchro sources. The Digital Synchro is available with an accuracy of ±0.067 degrees (±4 minutes) and 0.1 degree resolution; the output can be set in either 0.1 or 10 degree increments. An autorotation feature al...
ASI-160B - ASI-160B Deluxe Universal Heading & Track Selector
DAI Part# ASI160B
The ASI-160B facilitates calibration of both "manual" and "automatic" VOR converters, the VOR section of RNAV units, and when used in conjunction with a control/interface panel will allow monitoring of the deviation and flag current outputs. A To-From meter is built into the unit. The OBS resolver i...
ASI-160C - ASI-160C Deluxe Universal Heading & Track Selector
DAI Part# ASI160C
The ASI-160C facilitates calibration of both "manual" and "automatic" VOR converters and the VOR section of RNAV units. The test panel has built in meters to monitor the Deviation, Flag, and To-From outputs. The OBS resolver is capable of both EZ (400 Hz) and ORZ (30Hz) output. The ASI-160C combines...
ASI-2000 - ASI-2000 Test System
DAI Part# ASI2000
Design of the ASI-2000 Test System revolves around the Collins Proline Series of digital avionics equipment, and requires the Apple IIe computer for control of the unit and to display test instructions. Design considerations were based on knowledge of past, understanding of the present and anticip...
ASI-203 - ASI-203 Altimeter Test Set
DAI Part# ASI203
This unit is manufactured to replace the OEM model and/or part number listed below in form fit and function. Equivalent OEM: Collins Equivalent Model Number: 980N-1 Equivalent P/N 522-4610-004 Units Tested AL101 Radio Altimeter System AL101A Radio Altimeter System Description of Operat...
ASI-401 - ASI-401 Interface with Pro Line Test Panels
DAI Part# ASI401
The ASI401 connects any pro-line interface fixture to a PC (AT compatible computer). This panel will allow the user to convert the pro-line interface from the Apple IIe to the newer computer, which is required to run the PC compatible test software available from Collins. The ASI401 simply plugs i...
ASI-502 - ASI-502 Control Wizard
DAI Part# ASI502
The ASI-502 Control Wizard emulates many major avionics control functions for testing requirements. The Control Wizard is capable of controlling ADF, HF/VHF COM, DME, NAV, Transponder, or any other system that requires ARINC 429 serial, CSDB serial, or Parallel tuning methods including BCD and 2x5 (...
ASI-190B - ASI-190B Universal Precision Track Selector & Indicator
DAI Part# ASI190B
The ASI-190B is designed to facilitate calibration of "manual" VOR converters, the VOR section of R-NAV units, and monitor the deviation and flag current outputs. To-From meter is built into the unit.
ASI-2800 IDU - ASI-2800 Ion Dispersal Unit
DAI Part# ASI2800
The ASI-2800 Ion Dispersal Unit (IDU) is a portable Ion generator and blower assembly designed to eliminate airborne and surface pathogens in aircraft cabins and other similarly enclosed spaces or rooms. Labratory results, in tests designed to mimic conditions like that of a commercial aircraft ca...
Test Kits - ASI Test Kits
P/N ASI-140 Heading Synchro Kit P/N ASI-141 Heading Control Transformer Kit P/N ASI-145 To-From Meter Kit P/N ASI-146 Flag Meter Kit P/N ASI-147 Deviation Meter Kit P/N ASI-150 Track Selector Kit This unit is manufactured to replace the OEM model and/...

News/Announcements - July 23, 2020 - ARTEX Receives FAA Approval For New ELT 345 Configuration - Fort Lauderdale, FL., July 23, 2020 - ACR Electronics, Inc. today announced its popular ARTEX ELT 345 Emergency Locator Transmitter is now FAA approved with multiple antenna and remote switch options. The small form factor and light-weight ELT 345 is the fastest selling ELT on the market thanks to its competitive price and industry-leading quality standards. Now approved with a 15-inch antenna and...
News/Announcements - February 26, 2018 - ARTEX ELT 4000 - By incorporating ACR Electronics' unique alkaline battery system design, the ELT 4000 is completely exempt from the FAA compliance requirements applying to the installation of lithium batteries. The ARTEX ELT's 5-year replaceable alkaline battery does not require additional protective housing or containment vessel. Further advantages of the ARTEX automatic fixed ELT include cost savings due to a...
News/Announcements - January 29, 2018 - Flightcell DZMx developments concerning the Air Medical Sector - They can now transmit patient ECG information to the Emergency Department (ED) while inbound, instead of waiting until they arrive. This allows more time to mobilise the cardiac team and prepare stents if they are necessary. This technology make life a lot easier for the crew, but more importantly it will save lives. ...