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CHROMA Series - Whelen CHROMA Series LED Plug N Play Position Lamps
Meet all FAR requirements for Chromaticity, Intensity, and Coverage FAR Part 23.1383 the 23.1397 FAR Part 27.1383 thru 27.1397 Unique reflector design allows for full FAR coverage compliance. Fixed current source design provides consistent light output compared to filament lamps and LED resistor typ...
ORION 360 Beacon - Whelen ORION 360 Beacon Series LED Lights
ORION 360 Beacons are the 4th Generation LED beacons for fixed wing aircraft. These are designed to replace legacy 2.6" and 3.75" round beacons. ORION 360 beacons are lower profile than legacy product by 60%. Please see documents for more information on this product. Available in 14 VDC and 28 VDC...
70844 Series - Whelen 70844 Series Lighting
The model 70844 series are LED instrument post light assemblies. They are designed to illuminate the instrument panel, and function as instrument mounting bolts. It is a high quality, long lasting, modern alternative to standard incandescent post lights. They offer significant technological upgrades...
70875 Series - Whelen 70875 Series Lighting
The 70875 is designed as a high quality, long lasting, modern alternative to incandescent and halogen forward position lights. Also, the 70875 series offers significant technological upgrades over previous products. Utilizing LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, Whelen is able to provide the follo...
70905 Series - Whelen 70905 Series Lighting
The Model 70905 Series are FAA TSO'd self-contained anti-collision lights for rotorcraft. An external power unit is not required. The durability of LED's as a light source will significantly reduce operating costs associated with spare part replacement and premature failure of existing light sources...
A350 Series - Whelen A350 Series Lighting
Instrument post light assemblies designed to illuminate the instrument panel and function as instrument mounting bolts. The A350 is identical to the A350CN, but without the connector nut.
A350CN Series - Whelen A350CN Series Lighting
A440 Mounting Adapter - Whelen A440 Mounting Adapter
The model A440 mounting adapter, is for fuselage installations for the HRCFA series, and the SACF series. Drawing Number: 30074
A470A Series - Whelen A470A Series Lighting
A remote strobe light assembly, compatible with all Whelen power supplies. It can be installed on the fuselage or the vertical fin. The unique polycarbonate optic lens and reflector design, re-directs stray light rays into the horizontal plane to provide the maximum 360° of uniform light coverag...
A500A Series - Whelen A500A Series Lighting
Combination strobe/tail navigation light used when the wing-tip anti-collision lights are mounted in an enclosure and can't provide 360° of strobe coverage. It is a direct replacement for the standard tail position light. Available in a radio-shielded version. Voltage (14 or 28), and mounting, (...
A610 Series - Whelen A610 Series Lighting
The Model A610 flash tube and the Model A612 glass lens are used for installing wing-tip strobes in single engine Cessna's 1972 and later. The existing position light retainer is modified to accommodate the lens, and the flash tube is mounted directly behind. The unique magnifying design of the A612...
A625 Series - Whelen A625 Series Lighting
The model A625 has many different applications. It can be used for aircraft with tip-tanks; with enclosed position lights (under a fairing), or as an add on strobe on the wing or the tail. Available in a radio-shielded version.
A650 Series - Whelen A650 Series Lighting
Converts existing Whelen W1285 position lights into a position/ anti-collision light system by removing the existing retainer and replacing it with the A650 assembly. Available in a radio shielded version.
A650 PG/PR Series - Whelen A650 PG/PR Series Lighting
Wing-tip with anti-collision and forward position lights. Can be used to convert non-Whelen position lights into a position/anti-collision light system. The small size allows for mounting into a wing-tip enclosure. Available in 14 or 28V, and in a radio-shielded version. The forward position lamp is...
A715-1 Series - Whelen A715-1 Series Lighting
A fixture that accommodates a standard PAR 36 lamp assembly available with or without a lamp. Used on Beechcraft.
H102 Mounting Adapter - Whelen H102 Mounting Adapter
Designed for the Model A470A and the Model A450 series remote strobe light head assemblies. The Model H102 allows flush mounting of the light head to the skin of the fuselage, or the vertical stabilizer, on later model Cessna single engines. The H103 is designed for strobe assemblies to be installed...
H103 Mounting Adapter - Whelen H103 Mounting Adapter
HDACF Series - Whelen HDACF Series Power Supply
The model HDACF series provides simultaneous flashing, alternate flashing or both. It will operate one, two or three -- strobe light heads. Operating the wing-tip strobes in the alternating mode will provide an accumulated 42 joules of power to each light. When in the simultaneous mode, the accumula...
HR,CFA Series - Whelen HR,CFA Series Lighting
The model HR,CFA series is a self-contained comet flash strobe anti-collision light. The unique polycarbonate optic lens and reflector design redirects stray light rays into the horizontal plane to provide maximum 360° of uniform light coverage. Available in three different lens colors, aviation...
HTCCF Series - Whelen HTCCF Series Power Supply
The model HTCCF series is the same as the A490ATSCF but has a mounting plate with additional holes that directly replaces factory installed systems on single engine Cessna's, Aero Commanders, and Grumman Americans.
HTSCF Series - Whelen HTSCF Series Power Supply
The model HTSCF series operates one strobe light head. Its compact size allows mounting in the wing-tip and/or the tail, adjacent to the light head. It produces an accumulated 34 joules of power, and can be equipped to flash simultaneously with up to five other like units by connecting an 18-gauge w...

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