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FPT 8800 Series Field Programming Tablet
Unlock the power of advanced technology with the ARTEX Programmer for ELTs, a revolutionary solution that's set to transform the way you manage and program your ARTEX Emergency Locator Transmitters. Built on the Microsoft Surface framework, the ARTEX FPT (Field Programming Tablet) is a cuttingedge device designed to retrofit seamlessly with your existing ELTs in the field, bringing a new era of efficiency and reliability to your operations.

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Based: Harnesses the power of the Microsoft Surface tablet, providing a user-friendly interface and a familiar, intuitive experience. Take your ELT programming on the go, improving accessibility and flexibility.

Re-program Your Existing ELTs: Worried about reprogramming protocols for new deliveries or retrofits? Don't be. Designed to retrofit easily with your current ELTs, eliminating third party programming. It's a cost-effective solution that streamlines your maintenance process.

Intuitive User Interface: Program your ELTs effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. No more deciphering complex menus or struggling with clunky buttons. The ARTEX FPT makes programming ELTs a breeze, saving you time and reducing the potential for errors.

Enhanced Performance: With the ARTEX FPT, you can access and modify critical settings with precision, ensuring your ELTs are operating optimally.

Flexibility: The pre-loaded software in FPT is unlocked with full programming capabilities. Additional cables can be purchased separately to expand the capabilities of any kit.

Comprehensive Data Management: Keep track of all your ELTs in one place, with ARTEX FPT's comprehensive data management capabilities. Easily store, retrieve and verify programming data and history to ensure compliance and readiness.

Future-Proof Technology: ARTEX is a trusted name in aviation technology, and the FTP Programmer using the Surface Tablets is designed to evolve with your needs. Receive regular software updates to stay ahead of industry standards and regulations.

Programming: ARTEX FPT is capable of programming the desired protocol, NAV Data baud rate, and required information as outlined by Cospas-Sarsat through the applicable programming cable.

Printing Capability: ARTEX FPT can print a report for your records and compliance