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Ameri-Fit Pack AF-H (Helicopter)
(DAI Part# 1001628)
The Kannad Ameri-Fit Pack was created for Ameri-King ELT owners willing to keep fying safely for long and with the most reliable distress beacon onboard.

What is included in the pack?
  • Integra AF or AF-H ELT
  • RC103 Remote Control Panel
  • Adapter cable DIN/RJ11
  • RJ11 coupler
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
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What you need to know about the Ameri-King ELTs Airworthiness Directive

  • What are the Ameri-King ELT failures highlighted in the AD?
    After various tests and reports, the FAA detected inadvertent G-switch activation and premature battery replacement due to repeated inadvertent ELT self-test initialization.
  • What could be the consequences of an unsafe condition of my ELT?
    An affected ELT could delay or impede the rescue of the flightcrew and passengers after an emergency landing.
  • Which Ameri-King ELTs models are impacted by the AD?
    This AD applies to Ameri-King Corporation Model AK-450 and AK-451 series ELTs. Moreover, the aircraft that might have affected ELTs installed are listed by the FAA in its AD. This list is non-exhaustive.
  • Which actions are required by the AD?
    AD’s requirements include repetitive inspections, checks and verifications of the ELT to ensure the unit is properly functioning. Replacement of the affected ELT by a FAA approved device also applies.
  • When is the deadline to comply with the AD requirements ?
    Pilots have until October, 24 2018 to start the continuous inspections and tests of their current ELTs. ELT replacement must happen by this same date.