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Attachable Programming Dongle
(DAI Part# S1820514-12)
Main features
  • Din 12 connector with Serial Memory Module (SMM) for programming operations
  • Pre-wired programming dongle
  • Variant of programming dongle S1820514-01 fitted with a metallic cable and a clip to fix the dongle to a mounting bracket for INTEGRA (ER-N)
  • Contains the aircraft identification data (automatically downloaded to the ELT when connected)
  • Avoids the use of specific programming equipment such as PR600 + computer in case of ELT replacement
  • Weight: 36g
  • Length: connector 66 mm, cable 310 mm

  • Optional equipment used for programming the ELT on board
  • Compatible with INTEGRA (ER-N) ELTs

  • Cannot be used as a connector for the remote control panel
  • Only for installation on mounting bracket for INTEGRA (ER-N)

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