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M800 Series Digital Chronometer
Greenwich mean time
Local time
Elapsed time counter
Two-button operation is natural and error free, no accidental time setting
High contrast LCD
Special LCD is useable over a wide temperature range
Elapsed time count down with alarm
Quartz crystal precision time reference

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P/N Description
M800-5V Digital Chronometer 5V
M800-5B Digital Chronometer 5V with Battery
M800-14V Digital Chronometer 14V
M800-14B Digital Chronometer 14V with Battery
M800-28V Digital Chronometer 28V
M800-28B Digital Chronometer 28V with Battery
M800-28V-24HR Digital Chronometer 28V Military

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GMT 24-hr. format
Local Time 12-hr. format, 24-hr. option offered
Elapsed Time
Count Up
Starts in min., sec. then hrs.; min. up to 99:59 hrs.
Elapsed Time Alarm Activates @ 0 when counting down
Internal Lighting 100 mA @ 14V, 50mA @ 28V
Keep Alive Current .0003 AMPS 14V, 50 mA @ 28V
Voltage 14V or 28V; specify when ordering
Crystal Reference -40° C to +60° C. 001%
Warranty 1-year