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VA Static Inverter
(KGS products can only be shipped to U.S. address only.)
(DAI Part# SC3)
The SC3 is a pulse width modulated DC to AC static inverter that provides regulated 115VAC 400 Hz power up to 0.26 AMPS. An internal trim pot is provided to adjust the output voltage ± 10%. Circuit protection includes low input voltage shutdown, soft start, high input voltage shutdown, output over voltage limit and output short circuit current limit.

Input voltage 28VDC (nominal) 24 to 32VDC; 18VDC to 36.4VDC (abnormal range)
Input Current 1.35 AMPS typical @ 28VDC input @ FL; 0.6 AMPS maximum @ no load
Output voltage 115VAC +5%, -7%, typically ±3%
Output Current .26 AMPS continuous
Frequency 400 Hz ± 1%
Distortion (THD) 3% typical @ FL (unity pf) @ 28VDC; 7% maximum for the input range &
Isolation Output is isolated from input
Soft-Start Minimum soft start delay of 100 mSec @ full load is provided during an
Power 30VA maximum
Power Factor .95 leading to .8 lagging power factor
Regulation 3% for load, 2% for line & 3% for temperature
Overload (OL) Deliver 150% output current for 5 min.
Protection (OL) Withstands without damage or degradation load exceeding 150% to an output
Protection (SC) Under an output short circuit condition, the input current folds back
Protection (OV) Output voltage is limited to 145VAC maximum
Shutdown (SD) Output shuts down when input voltage is below 14VDC & above 36.4VDC
Temperature -55° CTO +71° C
Altitude 55,000'
Compliance FAA TSO-C73
Connector Unit mates is MS3106A14-6S
Finish Gold iridite per MIL-C-5541 class 1A
Weight 1 lbs. (454 g)
Size 2.00 H x 3.18 W x 5.00 L";50.8 H x 80.8 W x 127.0 L mm; Less protrusion
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