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A500A Series Lighting
Combination strobe/tail navigation light used when the wing-tip anti-collision lights are mounted in an enclosure and can't provide 360° of strobe coverage. It is a direct replacement for the standard tail position light. Available in a radio-shielded version. Voltage (14 or 28), and mounting, (horizontal or vertical) must be specified when ordering.

Weight 0.3 lbs.
Exposed Height 1.7"
Diameter 1.5"
Drawing Number 70024
Model Description Approvals
A500AV14 Vertical mount, 14V FAA/PMA, FAA/TSO-C30b
A500AV28 Vertical mount, 28V FAA/PMA, FAA/TSO-C30b
A500AH14 Horizontal mount, 14V FAA/PMA, FAA/TSO-C30b
A500AH28 Horizontal mount, 28V FAA/PMA, FAA/TSO-C30b
A500AVD14 Vertical mount, 14V, radio shielded --
A500AVD28 Vertical mount, 28V, radio shielded --
A500AHD14 Horizontal mount, 14V, radio shilded --
A500AHD28 Horizontal mount, 28V, radio shielded --
A500ASP28 Vertical mount, 28V, 50" cables, no connectors --
A500ABV14 Beech special 14V, MS connector --
A500ABV28 Beech special 24V, MS connector --