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HDACF Series Power Supply
(DAI Part# 01-0770028-05)
The model HDACF series provides simultaneous flashing, alternate flashing or both. It will operate one, two or three -- strobe light heads. Operating the wing-tip strobes in the alternating mode will provide an accumulated 42 joules of power to each light. When in the simultaneous mode, the accumulated power to each light is 21 joules. In the three-light mode, the wing-tips will flash simultaneous at an accumulated 21 joules each, they alternate with a third light operating at an accumulated 42 joules. On trigger selector outlet, a switch mounted in place of the jumper will allow wing-tip outlets two and three to be turned off, while the tail outlet #1 will remain on. This function is commonly used when the third light is for ground operations. This power supply will operate from 10 to 30VDC.

Power Consumption 7.0 AMPS@14VDC; 3.5 AMPS @ 28VDC
Weight 2.1 lbs.
Length 5.50"
Width 5.0"
Height 2.37"
Description A413AHDACF power supply
Drawing Number 70028