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A650 PG/PR Series Lighting
Wing-tip with anti-collision and forward position lights. Can be used to convert non-Whelen position lights into a position/anti-collision light system. The small size allows for mounting into a wing-tip enclosure. Available in 14 or 28V, and in a radio-shielded version. The forward position lamp is 26 watts.

Position Lamps
Power Consumption
2 AMPS @ 14VDC; 1 AMPS@ 28VDC
Weight 0.6 lbs.
Exposed Height 2.4"
Length 4.0"
Width 1.7"
Drawing Number 70054
Model Description
A650PG14 Position green, 14V
A650PG28 Position green, 28V
A650PR14 Position red, 14V
A650PR28 Position red, 28V
A650PGD14 Position green, 14V, radio shielded
A650PGD28 Position green, 28V, radio shielded
A650PRD14 Position red, 14V, radio shielded
A650PRD28 Position red, 28V, radio shielded