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HTSCF Series Power Supply
(DAI Part# 01-0770062-03)
The model HTSCF series operates one strobe light head. Its compact size allows mounting in the wing-tip and/or the tail, adjacent to the light head. It produces an accumulated 34 joules of power, and can be equipped to flash simultaneously with up to five other like units by connecting an 18-gauge wire between outlet #3 on the input power connector. This power supply will operate from 10 to 30VDC.

Power Consumption 4.0 AMPS @ 14VDC; 2.0 AMPS @ 28VDC
Weight 1.7 lbs.
Length 5.0"
Width 2"
Height 3.06"
Model A490ATSC
Description A490ATS CF power supply
Drawing Number 70062