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A350CN Series Lighting
Instrument post light assemblies designed to illuminate the instrument panel and function as instrument mounting bolts. The A350 is identical to the A350CN, but without the connector nut.

Weight 0.037 lbs.
Exposed Height 875" w/o spacer, 1.00" w/spacer
Power Consumption 0.02 AMPS @ 6V, 0.08 AMPS @ 14V, & 0.04 AMPS @ 28V
Drawing Number A350 70016
Drawing Number A350CN 0119
Model Number Description
A350C Instrument post light assemblies
A350CN Instrument post light assemblies
Lens Colors Post Colors Post Heights Voltages
IW=Instrument white BK=Black SH=Short (1.875") 6=(328 lamp)
CL=Clear GR=Grey LG=Long (2.375") 14=(330 lamp)
RD=Red 28=(327 lamp)