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70844 Series Lighting
The model 70844 series are LED instrument post light assemblies. They are designed to illuminate the instrument panel, and function as instrument mounting bolts. It is a high quality, long lasting, modern alternative to standard incandescent post lights. They offer significant technological upgrades over existing products. Utilizing LED technology, the following advantages are offered. Long life -- approximately 20,000 hours.

A reduced power consumption -- compared to alternative light sources. Shock and vibration resistant -- no fragile filament to burn out. Light -- produces bright white light. No EMI or RFI interference.

Weight 0.03 lbs.
Exposed Height 1.00" w/o spacer, 1.12" w/spacer
Power Consumption 0.02 AMPS @ 14V, & 0.02 AMPS @ 28V
Drawing Number 70844
Model Description Approvals
70844-00 14V, 1.00" post --
70844-01 14V, 1.50" post --
70844-02 28V, 1.00" post --
70844-03 28V, 1.50" post --