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70905 Series Lighting
The Model 70905 Series are FAA TSO'd self-contained anti-collision lights for rotorcraft. An external power unit is not required. The durability of LED's as a light source will significantly reduce operating costs associated with spare part replacement and premature failure of existing light sources. All units meet the minimum requirements stated in FAR Parts 27 & 29 for anti-collision light systems used on rotorcraft, Ref; Class I (150 effective candela) of SAE AS8017a Minimum Performance standards. (Available in 28 volts only).

Model 7090501
Model 7090501 is designed to replace existing beacons with the 5 hole-mounting pattern on a 4.656 Dia. bolt circle. (Ref. Whelen 70285 series). It incorporates an MS3102R10SL-3P connector for input.

Model 7090502
Designed to replace existing remote mounted strobe lights (Ref. Whelen A470A series). A power supply is no longer required.

Model 7090503
Designed to replace existing beacons with the 3-3/4" Dia. mounting pattern. (Ref. Whelen HRCFA series, 90081 Series, and the old style rotating beacons). It has the same mounting hole pattern. No modification to the aircraft is required.

70905-01 70905-02 70905-03
Power Consumption 0.45 AMPS @ 28VDC 0.45 AMPS @ 28VDC .045 AMPS @ 28VDC
LED Color Aviation red Aviation red Aviation red
Weight 1.4 lbs. 1.2 lbs. 1.1 lbs.
Exposed Height 4.04" 4.14" 3.1"
Exposed Diameter 3.66" 3.66" 2.8"
Approvals FAA/TSO-C96a FAA/TSO-C96a FAA/TSO-C96a