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Carlisle CAN24TST120 Garmin CAN Bus Cable
(DAI Part# CAN24TST120)
Carlisle CAN24TST120 Garmin CAN Bus Cable. This is what Garmin uses to interface the CAN Bus on G5's, GMU11, GAD29B, GFC500, GMC507, GSA28, etc.

Product Construction

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Typical Protocol: CANbus
AWG Size(19 Strand): 24
Conductor Material: SCCA
Conductor Diameter(in): 0.0233
Insulation Material: PTFE
Insulation Diameter(in): 0.054
Pair #1: White, Blue
Cable Diameter(in): 0.142
CableWeight(lbs/1000 ft): 13.5
Impedance: 120 ± 12
Capacitance(pF/ft): 12
Velocity of Propagation: 79%
Attenuation(dB/100 ft): 1.0 @ 1MHz
2.0 @ 6MHz
2.7 @ 10MHz