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EVO-7SP Tensioning Tool
(DAI Part# EVO-7SP)
Want to select a specific level of tie tension for bundling? Simply rotate the tension knob to any of the easy-to-read, pre-set tension settings. Standard cable tie installation tools stretch the tie while cutting, causing the tie end to retract into the head, or leave a protruded edge. But with EVO 7, the tie is cut at precisely the tension you select for a clean, flush cut at the tie head - without overstressing the tie.

With TLC Technology, the patent-pending locking mechanism detects when the desired tension is met, and locks the tie in place prior to cutting. At that moment, all force applied to the trigger is directed to cutting the tie. That means the trigger only needs to be pulled far enough to cut the tie, reducing the range of motion and subsequent strain on the hand and arm.

Once the tie is locked in place, the tool operator needs only to advance the trigger enough to cut the tie. Since there is no dynamic tension (stretching) on the cable tie, all energy is focused on driving the blade through the tie, resulting in a clear, flush cut, time after time - all with no jarring motion to the hand or arm.

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