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DBFTMA-90 Adapter for GARMIN WAAS Upgrades
(DAI Part# DBFTMA-90)
As part of existing GNS430 and GNS530 upgrades to WAAS the antenna needs to be changed. The new antenna requires a TNC connector whereas the old antenna used a BNC. The choice is either to change the connector or use adapters.

Changing the connector is not always practical due to useable cable lengths and/or location. The alternative is using a BNC to TNC adapter, ideally with a right angle.

The DBFTMA-90 is just the adapter for the job. It has a high quality precision nickel body construction with a gold plated center conductor. It has a 50 ohm impedance, dielectric withstanding voltage in excess of 1,500V RMS, and a minimum insulation resistance of 5k ohm.
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