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TNC Connectors
TNC Female
225551-2Dual Crimp for RG58
225551-6Dual Crimp for RG142, 142A, 142B and RG400

TNC Male
5225555-2Dual Crimp for RG58, 58A and RG58C
5225555-6Dual Crimp for RG142, 142A and 142B
225550-3Dual Crimp for RG59, 59A, 59B and RG62, 62A, 62B
225555-7Dual Crimp for RG8, 8A and RG213

TNC Bulkhead Adapter
414168-1Dual Crimp for RG58
5225557-6Dual Crimp for RG142, 142A,142B and RG400

TNC Right Angle Male
5225559-2Dual Crimp Rt Angle for RG58A, and 58C
225559-8Dual Crimp Rt Angle for RG8 and RG213
5225554-6Dual Crimp Rt Angle for RG 142-400
225554-9Dual Crimp Rt Angle for RG9 and RG214
79400Rt Angle Solder & Clamp for RG58, RG141