AS9100 Rev D/ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Serving the Aviation Industry since 1973
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Gromstrip is a continuous length of extruded U-channel for use as a protective covering on sharp edges. It can be cut to desired length and easily inserted into any hole, regardless of shape or configuration. (On angles less than 90°, miter the two outside edges for better fit.) Gromstrip requires minimum space, grips surfaces snugly, and won't jar loose. Wherever wires pass through a metal piece, Gromstrip used on the sharp edges will protect against fraying and cut-through of the wires.

Gromstrip is also available with continuous serrations for use in acute angle or other difficult applications.

Polyethylene -- used for general application

Nylon -- used where a particular tough and abrasive resistant material is desired; it has a higher operating temperature, better dielectric constant than polyethylene.

Dimensions in Inches
Tolerance ±.010
Panel Thickness




GSPC1 GSNC1 1 0.031 0.125 0.031 To .036
GSPC2 GSNC2 2 0.109 0.156 0.031 .037 - .105
GSPC3 GSNC3 3 0.156 0.187 0.047 .106 - .164
GSPC4 GSNC4 4 0.188 0.188 0.047 .165 - .187
GSPC5 GSNC5 5 0.25 0.188 0.047 .188 - .250