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DZUS Rail - Dzus Rail
The PA-3500 Line receptacle strip acts as a supporting frame for the panels or removable parts to be fastened, with continuous holes for stud engagement and rivet mounting on 3/8" (9.53 mm) centers. The strip is riveted to a support member and the stud panel rests against the strip face having the stud holes. The strips are aluminum alloy with a continuous rigid stainless steel wire staked across the underside of the stud holes. The fastened panel rests on the strip and its captive quarter-turn studs engage the rigid wire.

MIL-F-25173A Approved

3590-S5 (PR3.5) Right Angle
3595-S5 (PR3.5-1) Flat
3590-24865-S5 (PR3.5x865) Dual Sided T Shape
Standard 5 foot lengths can be cut into 1 foot increments. Other lenths up to 10 feet are special order.

3590-S5 Drawing
3595-S5 Drawing
3590-24865-S5 Drawing