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Environment Resistant Without Ground Leads MIL-S-83519/1
(DAI Part# M83519/1)
For Silver or Tin Plated Shield Termination Applications on Wire with Insulation Material Rated at 125°C and Above. For continuous operation from -55°C to +150°C. These Termination Sleeves consist of a heat-shrinkable, transparent, polyvinylidene fluoride sleeve with an inner, pre-fluxed solder perform and two thermoplastic sealing inserts. In addition, these sleeves incorporate a thermal-indicator to assist in termination technique. All MIL-Spec termination sleeves have a permanent identification number marked on the part. When heat is applied, the solder melts and flows to provide a superior connection between the ground lead and the shield.At the same time, the two thermoplastic sealing inserts melt and the outer sleeve shrinks to provide an environmentally protected termination.

Selection and Ordering Data As Supplied Combined Diameters
P/N A B L Jacket O.D. Maximum Shield O.D.
M83519/1-1 .105 .075 .650 .105 .050
M83519/1-2 .145 .105 .650 .145 .070
M83519/1-3 .200 .170 .650 .200 .100
M83519/1-4 .255 .235 .750 .255 .125
M83519/1-5 .300 .275 .750 .300 .160
Termination Sleeves meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-S-83519.
The Solder Preform in Sn63, conforming to QQ-S-571. Flux is SRMAP.