ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified
Serving the Aviation Industry since 1973
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M83519 Shield Termination
Solder Style, Insulated Heat-Shrinkable, Environment Resistant

Part Number Cross Reference Manufacturer's Designation
Lead Wire
Applied Max
Cable Dia (in)
Sumitomo Raychem 3M/ECC
M83519/1-1 None 0.075 H-M-1 S0101S S0101R S0101E
M83519/1-2 None 0.105 H-M-2 S0102S S0102R S0102E
M83519/1-3 None 0.170 H-M-3 S0101S S0103R S0103E
M83519/1-4 None 0.235 H-M-4 S0104S S0104R S0104E
M83519/1-5 None 0.275 H-M-5 S0105S S0105R S0105E
M83519/2-1 M22759/32-20 0.075 H-ML-1 S0201S S0201R S0201E
M83519/2-2 (AWG20) 0.105 H-ML-2 S0202S S0202R S0202E
M83519/2-3 " 0.170 H-ML-3 S0203S S0203R S0203E
M83519/2-4 " 0.235 H-ML-4 S0204S S0204R S0204E
M83519/2-5 " 0.275 H-ML-5 S0205S S0205R S0205E
M83519/2-6 M22759/32-22 0.075 H-ML-6 S0206S S0206R S0206E
M83519/2-7 (AWG22) 0.105 H-ML-7 S0207S S0207R S0207E
M83519/2-8 " 0.170 H-ML-8 S0208S S0208R S0208E
M83519/2-9 " 0.235 H-ML-9 S0209S S0209R S0209E
M83519/2-10 " 0.275 H-ML-10 S0210S S0210R S0210E
M83519/2-11 M22759/32-24 0.075 H-ML-11 S0211S S0211R S0211E
M83519/2-12 (AWG24) 0.105 H-ML-12 S0212S S0212R S0212E
M83519/2-13 " 0.170 H-ML-13 S0213S S0213R S0213E
M83519/2-14 " 0.235 H-ML-14 S0214S S0214R S0214E
M83519/2-15 " 0.275 H-ML-15 S0215S S0215R S0215E
M83519/2-16 M22759/32-26 0.075 H-ML-16 S0216S S0216R S0216E
M83519/2-17 9AWG260 0.105 H-ML-17 S0217S S0217R S0217E
M83519/2-18 0.170 H-ML-18 S0218S S0218R S0218E
M83519/2-19 0.235 H-ML-19 S0219S S0219R S0219E
M83519/2-20 0.275 H-ML-20 S0220S S0220R S0220E