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HS 4140 Hot Stamp Marking System
High Application Flexability
(DAI Part# HS4140)
The HotStamp 4140 is designed for economical high quality marking of wires, cables and tubing. Character combinations and character sizes are freely selectable. Although primarily used for marking wires and cables, the HotStamp 4140 is suitable for marking all sorts of thermoplastic materials.

The HS 4140 can hold a full set of both alpha and numeric characters on one wheel. Therefore all standard text characters can be accomodated on the HS 4140 without changing wheels.

Material that can be processed Wire, cable, tubing and flat material
Min. cable O.D. 1.2mm
Max. cable O.D. 14mm
Marking pressure (adjustable) 0.1 bis 1.7 MPa (1-7 bar) / 15-105psi
Marking Temperature Adjustable between 0-160°C (32-345°F)
Compressed air requirements 0.7 Mpa (7 bar) / 100 psi
Dwell Temperature Adjustable between 0.1-3.0 s
Interface D-Sub for in-line process in combination with a cable processing machine
Power Supply 115 VAC or 230 VAC / 200 VA / 50-60 Hz
Dimension (L x W x H) Marking unit: 180 x 240 x 250mm (7" x 9" x 10")
Control unit: 390 x 220 x 80mm (16" x 9" x 3")
Weight Marking unit: 10 kg (22 lbs)
Control unit: 5 kg (11 lbs)
    Character Wheels
    Number of characters per wheel 40 (all alpha-numeric characters)
    Character style Horizontal or vertical
    Character size (horizontal) Standard: 1.6/1.8 mm
    On request: 1.2/1.5/1/7/ 2.0/2.1/2.3 mm
    Character size (vertical) Standard: 1.6 mm / On request: 1.2 mm
    Marking Foil
    Foil material Standard: PVC-Foil
    Special: Teflon-Foil for Teflon insulations
    Foil colors Black, white (On request: red, yellow, green, blue)
    Foil width/lenght 67 or 33 mm (2.6" or 1.3") /120 m (130 yd)
    Foil usage per mark 3 mm (1.12") with 1.6 mm character size
    Type Holder and Single Types
    Number of types that can be mounted (available mounting space: 52 mm) 15-25 depending on style and size of character
    Size of standard or customized characters On request
    Schleuniger Hot Stamp Marking Systems are designed for usage with Schleuniger cut and strip equipment. The characters of the character wheel can be changed quickly with the index system and contribute therefore to the high economic efficiency
    Without having to change the character wheels it is possible to realize up to 25-digit markings in alpha-numeric characters
    Processing Capabilities
    Application Range
    The Schleuniger model HotStamp 4140 is designed for the economical and high quality marking of wires and tubes. The combination of characters and character size can be selected freely within the specifi c range. The Hot-Stamp Marking process is suitable for marking thermoplastic materials. During the process the preheated character wheels imprint the precision-engraved characters by pressing the pigmented marking foil into the selected material. The concave form of the characters is exactly matched to the diameter of the processed material. The precise adjusting options for the stamping pressure and time and the marking temperature allow to recall every result.