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Headset Accessories
A. Foam-Filled Ear Seals
Soft, dependable foam-filled ear seals provide a perfect fit that is both comfortable and secure. Not for H20-10 standard and ENC models.
P/N 18316G-02 (Pair)

B. Gel-Filled Ear Seals
Gel-filled ear seals mold to the sides of the head for a perfect seal with each use. Extremely comfortable and come with a 7-year guarantee.
P/N 40243G-02 (Pair)

C. Contoured Gel Ear Seals
Oversized, contoured gel ear seals provide outstanding comfort and noise protection. Ear seals are designed only for replacement to Model H20 Series headsets.
P/N 40243G-05 (Pair)

D. Ear Seal Comfort Cover
A soft, double-knit, 100% cotton, washable ear seal cover. Designed to absorb moisture in hot, humid weather. Not recommended for use with ENC Headsets. May adversely affect performance of noise cancellation.
P/N 22658G-01 (Pair)

E. Soft Foam Head-Pad
Made of super-soft foam with washable cloth cover. This replacement head-pad cradles your head with pillow-like comfort. Not for use with H20 Series headsets.
P/N 18900G-45

F. Sheepskin Head-Pad
Experience the soft feel of sheepskin with this replacement head-pad that ensures long-term flying comfort. Not for use with H20 Series headsets.
P/N 40592G-01

G. Microphone Protector
Slides over microphone to reduce wind and ambient cockpit noise while transmitting.
Two sizes available:
For M-4 microphone P/N 40062G-01
For M-7A microphone P/N 40062G-02

H. Microphone Protector for M-1
Improves communication by reducing wind and ambient cockpit noise while transmitting. Ties over M-1/DC microphone.
P/N 18434G-02

I. Cloth Helmet Assembly
Khaki-colored cotton cloth helmet. Ideal for open cockpit, aerobatics, AG and helicopter rescue operations. Fits all headset models except H20 Series headsets.
P/N 10792G-07 (Size 7)
P/N 10792G-08 (Size 7 1/4)

J. M-7/DC Retrofit Kit
Ideal for upgrading David Clark Company headsets with amplified dynamic microphones to the high performance M-7/DC amplified electret microphone. Replaces M-1/DC and M-4 microphones. Easy to install.
P/N 18376G-02

K. Stop Gap Eyeglass Cushions
Enhance hearing protection and communication with soft eyeglass cushions. Placed on eyeglass frame at the temple position. Stop Gaps provide added comfort and stop noise from leaking through the ear seal.
P/N 12500G-02 (Pair)