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JA67 - 6 Pin Hirose Plug to U174 Plug
(DAI Part# CAB-WJAC-0004)
  • Provides full-duplex communication between 4 max. JA66 headset adapter users.
  • Provides monitoring of all aircraft intercom audio for the headset adapter users.
  • Microphone audio from one headset adapter routed to the aircraft intercom system when pressing the red TX button on the headset adapter. (Audio panel ICS must be in VOX or LIVE mode)
    • Note: Monitoring of intercom is muted for all headset users when TX button pressed. Microphone audio on all other headset adapters is muted and ICS and TX buttons on all other headset adapters are disabled when one headset adapter has TX button pressed. All headset adapter users hear the microphone audio from the headset adapter with the TX button pressed.

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