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Jcord-001 PTT Radio and ICS Adapter
(DAI Part# JCORD-001)
The Jcord-001 PTT Radio and ICS Adapter allows the user access to a handheld radio while maintaining intercom communications with aircraft crew members.

  • The Jcord-001 connects to:
  • A Motorola APX handheld radio via the radio adapter cable
  • The aircraft audio system via the radio cable and a 10 pin Hirose connector to U-174/U cable
  • A civilian headset via the U-92/A connector

The Jcord-001 provides differential audio signal paths to and from the handheld radio and intercom system to allow a noise free installation. Artificial sidetone is automatically generated when connected to an intercom system. The built-in microphone and speaker in the Jcord-001 are operational when connected only to the handheld radio. Radio transmit is selected using the Radio PTT button on the Jcord-001.

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  • A 10 pin connector pin-out for future radio adapter cables
  • Individual controls for Microphone sidetone and Radio/Intercom audio level
  • Audio inputs and outputs are differential to minimize noise pickup
  • Microphone bias voltage for aircraft headsets
  • Powered entirely by the attached handheld radio