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WIJAC Wireless Intercom System - Wireless Dropcord
(DAI Part# WIJAC-D01)
The wiJAC Wireless Dropcord System consists of two components which provide a wireless full-duplex audio link between the aircraft's intercom / radio systems and the user's headset. Adapters are available for different headset connector styles. The JA69 component plugs directly into the aircraft audio system via a standard dropcord jack and the JA68 component connects to a standard aircraft headset and attaches to the user's belt. Together the two separate components allow aircraft personnel free movement both inside and outside the aircraft. The headset adapter features only essential controls to ensure ease of operation. As well as VOX and Volume controls, the JA68 has two PTT buttons: one for ICS PTT and one for TX (Radio) PTT. When TX PTT is activated, the microphone audio is transmitted to the aircraft audio controller and then to the selected aircraft radio.

The wiJAC system offers the user independence from traditional tethered audio systems without sacrificing audio quality.

Both radio and intercom PTT included!
The wiJAC-D01 system comprises of a JA68-001 and a JA69-001 and is for use in North America.
The wiJAC-D02 system comprises of a JA68-002 and a JA69-002 and is for European use.

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The wiJAC system is factory programmed with default settings that are suitable for most general aviation high impedance headsets. If it is necessary to modify the balanced phones/microphone input/ output levels, this can be carried out by a JAC Dealer using JAC's proprietary ProCS software. A configuration port is provided to support this function.

A light on each unit indicates when the RF communication link is established, and a micro USB charging port is provided for connection to a USB charging source. Charging cables and rechargeable batteries are included with each system.

Multiple paired adapters can be co-located in the same aircraft without interference. An encrypted radio link ensures secure communications. A selection of adapter cables is available for use with other connector styles.

Batteries Rechargable NiMH or 6 ea. AAA, (3 per unit)
Charging Electrical Power +5 Vdc @ (200mA) Max (USB Power Source)
Temperature -15 °C to +50 °C
-40°C to +50°C
Altitude 25,000 ft. max
Humidity 95%
Microphone 150 Ohms amplified Dynamic
Vibration Per DO160G Cat [(SBM)(U2FF1)]
Range wiJAC-D01 100 m (typical)
Range wiJAC-D02 200 m (typical)
Battery Life 6 to 8 hours (typical)
Shock 20g (any axis)
Headphone 100 mW into 150 ohms