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Plug Adapters - David Clark Communication Cord Plug Adapters
P/N 18253G-02 Converts U-75/U to M642/5-1 (PJ068) and M642/4-1 (PJ055) M642/5-1 (PJ068) M642/4-1 (PJ055) U-61U P/N 18253G-03 Converts U-75/U to U-174/U U-174/U U-61/U P/N 18253G-05 Converts U-174/U or U-93A/U to M642/5-1 (PJ068) and M642/4-...
40594G-01 - David Clark Panel-Mount Module Headset Accessory
DAI Part# 40594G-01
The permanent panel-mount module is designed for use with all "XP" Series David Clark Company ENC headsets with exception of H10-76XP. Designed for installation in the panel of a single aircraft and wired directly to the aircraft's electrical power system. Operates with supplied power ranging from 9...
40654G-01 - David Clark Spare Battery Cartridge
DAI Part# 40654G-01
Designed for fast, easy replacement of batteries. Protective pouch keeps battery terminals from accidental contact with conducting surfaces. Use for ENC portable battery-power modules that require 6 AA batteries.
Ear Seals/Covers - David Clark Headset Accessories, Ear Seals/Covers
A. Foam-Filled Ear Seals Soft, dependable foam-filled ear seals provide a perfect fit that is both comfortable and secure. Not for H20-10 standard and ENC models. P/N 18316G-02 (Pair) B. Gel-Filled Ear Seals Gel-filled ear seals mold to the sides of the head for a perfect seal with each ...
H10-13.4 - David Clark Standard Noise-attenuating Headset
DAI Part# H10-13.4
The Standard of Excellence David Clark H10-13.4 is the best-selling standard noise-attenuating headset. Its lightweight design (13.4 ounces) and outstanding comfort features reduce fatigue during flight. Low-profile volume control knob with detent settings guards against accidental volume shifts. ...
H10-13H - David Clark Helicopter Headsets (Passive)
DAI Part# H10-13H
Rugged Reliability and Dependable Performance The H10-13H is one of our best selling helicopter headsets, based on the proven design of the H10-13.4 headset. Features Expanded, super-soft, double foam head pad Larger, yet lighter, Comfort Gel, undercut ear seals Reduc...
H10-13XL - David Clark Portable ENC Technology Headset
DAI Part# H10-13XL
Portable ENC Technology in The Most Popular Headset Design Now you can enjoy the added quite of ENC technology in any aircraft you fly with the modular portability of the H10-13XL headset. The H10-13XL can be plugged into any aircraft with it s slim, 9V auto shutoff battery pack. The H10-13XL comes...
H10-13XP - David Clark Panel-Mount ENC Technology Headset
DAI Part# H10-13XP
Panel-Mount ENC Technology The H10-13XP comes with a permanent panel-mount module that runs off your aircrafts power source. Delivers an additional 17-22 dB noise reduction with ENC turned on. You can also use the same headset with a portable battery-power module with coil cord and dual plugs for c...
H10-20 - David Clark Mid-Range Headset
DAI Part# H10-20
Maximum Performance at a Mid-Range Price David Clark H10-20 headset is extensively engineered and designed with all the features pilots have asked for. The headband design adjusts to fit all head sizes and the foam/air-flow head-pad automatically adjusts to individual head contours for greater comf...
H10-26 - David Clark Helicopter Headsets (Passive)
DAI Part# H10-26
Outstanding Comfort and Performance The H10-26 headset provides superior value, comfort and performance. Features Super-soft head pad Larger, yet lighter, Comfort Gel, undercut ear seals Flex boom assembly can be adjusted for perfect microphone placement M-7A, ...
H10-30 - David Clark Standard Headset
DAI Part# H10-30
Great Value and Reliability in a Proven Headset David Clark H10-30 headset is an excellent value for pilots "just earning their wings" or who fly less frequently. Design features include a boom assembly that rotates for left or right side placement and perfect positioning of the M-1/DC amplified dy...
H10-36 - David Clark Helicopter Headsets (Passive)
DAI Part# H10-36
Outstanding Value in a Proven Design The H10-36 provides pilots with excellent performance and comfort in a value-priced helicopter headset. Features Super-soft head pad Larger, yet lighter, Comfort Gel, undercut ear seals Wire boom for easy mic placement Our "...
H10-56HXL - David Clark Helicopter Headset
DAI Part# H10-56HXL
Quiets Very Noisy Helicopter Cockpits Plug and Fly ENC Portability for Helicopters The H10-56 is designed with the helicopter pilot in mind. Rugged construction and excellent noise attenuation combine to make it our highest performing standard helicopter headset even in extremely noisy helicopters...
H10-60 - David Clark Standard Noise-attenuating Headset
DAI Part# H10-60
Built-In Versatility David Clark H10-60 is the "top-of-the-line" standard noise-attenuating headset for pilots who fly frequently and spend long hours in the cockpit. The versatile dome jack accepts three different cord assemblies to accommodate a variety of aircraft requiring different headset plu...
H10-66 - David Clark Dual Impedance Headset
DAI Part# H10-66
Ideal for Fleet Operations with Multiple Impedance Requirements The H10-66 is a unique dual impedance headset for use in civilian and military style aircraft. Features High/low impedance select switch on dome matches headset to system impedance Soft undercut comfort gel ear sea...
H10-76 - David Clark Low Impedance Headset
DAI Part# H10-76
Low Impedance, Command Performance The H10-76 has become the standard headset of all U.S. Armed Forces, NATO and most airborne command centers. AWAC's under command of NATO and the United States use the H10-76 in the cockpit and communication operations. Features Low impedance ...
H10-76XL - David Clark Portable Low Impedance ENC Headset
DAI Part# H10-76XL
Portable Low Impedance ENC Headset The H10-76XL and H10-76XP ENC headsets are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and communication clarity for safe, quiet flights. These headsets are designed to withstand the rigors of military cockpits. Features Designed for use with Low Imp...
H20-10 - David Clark Lightweight Headset
DAI Part# H20-10
Comfort Without Compromise Totally redesigned with patented head-pad suspension system and advanced comfort features. Lightweight yet extremely durable. Comes with 5e cord and dual plugs. Features Large, contoured, gel-filled ear seals mold softly and securely to the head Durab...
K10 - David Clark Series K10 Helmet Kit
DAI Part# K10
The Series K10 Helmet Kit provides the ability to convert all David Clark Over-the-Head style headsets with the exception of the H20 Series into a Helmet/Headset assembly. This unique combination provides both impact and hearing protection, in addition to clear, crisp communications in high-noise en...