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HS-500 - Telex Handset
DAI Part# 63274-008
Interphone and paging handset. Dynamic receiver and noise canceling amplified electret microphone. Built in push-to-talk switch. FAA TSO approved.
Air 3100 - Telex Air 3100 Headset
DAI Part# 300048-200
Best combination of quiet (NRR 21 dB), lightweight comfort (14.2 oz/403 g) and Telex quality for the money Headband design features stainless steel at the stress points for durability and lightweight comfort Low profile headband evenly distributes weight on the head without pres...
Stratus 50-DTM - Telex Stratus 50-DTM Digital ANR Headset
The only headset that cuts noise three ways (passive, analog ANR and digital tonal ANR) Dual volume controls Two headsets in one: you can power the Stratus via battery or panel power for greater flexibility Operates in fail-safe mode in the event of power failure while st...
Airman ANR850 - Telex Airman ANR 850 Headset
DAI Part# 301317-002
Provides up to 12 dB of attenuation between 100 and 2000 Hz for the clearest in-flight communications ANR targets and reduces wind noise in jet cockpit Amplified noise canceling electret microphone has flexible boom and provides superior 400 Hz hum rejection Less than 4 o...
Airman 750 SS - Telex Airman 750 Single Sided Headset
DAI Part# 64300-300
Feather weight comfort FAA TSO approved headset Single sided dynamic receiver headset with soft foam cushion Superior noise canceling electret mic Reversible boom which fits left or right side of head
66T - Telex Dynamic Microphone
DAI Part# 60837-001
The 66T's high quality dynamic mic offers superior noise cancellation and voice response in a durable case. A built-in solid-state amplifier is adjustable for proper transmitter modulation. Includes straight plug, hang-up bracket and hardware. Also available with a right angle plug. FAA TSO approved...
Airman 750 - Telex Airman 750 Headset
DAI Part# 64300-200
Miniature amplified noise canceling electret mic provides superior 400 Hz hum rejection Dual dynamic receivers include replaceable cushions that gently hug each ear (one receiver/cushion only on the single-sided version) FAA TSO approved
Airman7-0210 - Telex Airman 7 Double Sided Headset, 2PJ, 150 Ohm
DAI Part# AIRMAN7-0210
The Telex Airman 7 is a lightweight headset with boom microphone designed specifically for optimizing pilot communications in commercial and business turbine aircraft. Building on the tradition of the Airman 750, the Airman 7 has improved durability, intelligibility, and comfort. Soft pliable ear cu...
Airman8-0210 - Telex Airman 7 Double Sided ANR Headset, 2PJ, 600 Ohm
DAI Part# AIRMAN8-0210
The Telex Airman 8 is a lightweight noise-reducing headset designed specifically for optimizing pilot communications in commercial and business turbine aircraft. Building on the tradition of the Airman 850, the Airman 8 has improved durability, intelligibility, and comfort. The Airman 8 is the light...
Accessories - Telex Intercom Aviation Accessories
Foam Cushion Pairs Fit Airman 750/760 P/N 800456-005 Windscreen Fits Airman 750/760/Pro III ANR 500 P/N 800456-001 Earmold For Pilot earset--S, M, L for left or right ears P/N 35401-XXX* Earset Cord For Pilot earset P/N 800089-000...
Echelon 20 - Telex Echelon 20 Headset
DAI Part# PRD000012000
Designed for students, new pilots, and value-conscious experienced fliers, the Telex Echelon 20 full cushion aviation headset offers comfort, excellent hearing protection and value. The Echelon 20 provides an impressive 20+ dB of passive noise protection and a top-quality noise canceling electret mi...
Echelon 25XT - Telex Echelon 25XT Headset
DAI Part# PRD000013000
The Echelon 25XT packs additional comfort and performance features onto the solid Echelon platform. The 25XT includes Telex's innovative cell phone/MP3 adapter that allows you to attach both your cell phone and MP3 player at the same time. No more switching cords! Need to communicate? Simply mute th...
PT300 - Telex Push-to-Talk Switch
DAI Part# PT300
Push-to-talk switch attaches to any size control wheel with hook and pile straps. Works with any boom mic headset. Complete with coiled cord and standard plug jack adapter.